28 Nov Dissertation | Josefin Thorslund (NG)
30 Nov BG/ATM Seminar | Manuel DALL´OSTO
30 Nov MISU PhD Seminar | Koen Hendrickx
1 Dec Licentiate Presentation | Christoffer Hemmingsson
4 Dec Bolin Centre RA seminar series
5 Dec MISU PhD Seminar | Ulrike Lohmann
7 Dec MISU PhD Seminar | Malin Ödalen
14 Dec MISU PhD Seminar | Ines Bulatovic
15 Dec Zoology | PhD defense
19 Dec MISU Seminar | Abhay Devasthale
14 Feb Welcome to a one-day workshop
21 May Bolin Klimatfestival
Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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