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Isotope measurements in precipitation, Mouzaki, SW Messenia, Greece

Water isotope composition, δD vs SMOW (‰) and δ18O vs SMOW (‰), in precipitation at Mouzaki, Greece, between 18/1-2012 - 25/8-2015. In total 45 and 22...



Global root zone storage capacity from satellite-based evaporation

This dataset includes global root zone storage capacity (a.k.a., soil water storage capacity) derived from satellite-based evaporation and precipitation data....

Hydro-chemical data of Kilombero Valley

Hydro-chemical and istope data from streams, groundwater and rice paddies. Samples were taken weekly during with the main period covering parts of 2013-2014....

Northern Hemisphere 1,200 Year Hydroclimatic Reconstruction

Comparison of gridded proxy reconstructed and climate model simulated hydroclimate and temperature variability across the Northern Hemisphere over the past...

Tree rings

Moreju River, Russia, Tree Ring Stable Isotope Data

Tree ring stable carbon and oxygen isotope annual resolution data in alpha-cellulose of Siberian Spruce (Picea abies spp obovata) collected from remote forest...