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Chemical composition of aerosol particles at Mt. Åreskutan, Sweden

The chemical composition of atmospheric particulate matter at Mt. Åreskutan, a mountaintop site in central Sweden, was analysed with a focus on its...

Concentration and carbon isotope data of elemental carbon aerosols, Abisko, Sweden, September 2011 to March 2013

Data of high-volume PM2.5 and TSP aerosol samples, measured in Abisko, northern Sweden. The data cover 18 months of consecutive sampling. Sampling duration is...

Profiles of aerosol optical properties measured during CAESAR 2014 at Åre, Sweden

This dataset provides profile measurements of aerosol optical properties (aerosol backscatter and extinction coefficient) using Raman lidar technique. The...


High resolution topoclimate maps over Sweden

High spatial resolution (50 m grain-size) gridded maps of 10 years period (2000-2010) of monthly means, min and max temperature, and a map of Growing Degree...

Stockholm Winter/Spring 500-Year Temperature Reconstruction

Historical documentary sources, reflecting different port activities in Stockholm, are used along with the instrumental temperature record to derive a...

Weather observations

Stockholm Historical Weather Observations

Stockholm daily historical weather observations since 1756. Homogenized daily averages of air temperature and air pressure at the Stockholm old astronomical...



Bathymetry of Lake Tarfala, northern Sweden

The bathymetry of Lake Tarfala, located in a pro-glacial high alpine environment in the Kebnekaise mountains, northern Sweden, was mapped in September 2016....

Sediment cores

Clay-varve chronology and deglaciation during the Younger Dryas and Preboreal in the Middle Swedish Ice Marginal Zone

A clay-varve chronology which covers the later part of the Younger Dryas stadial has been established in the easternmost part of the Middle Swedish Ice...

Clay-varve data sets for southeastern Sweden

Glacial varve thickness diagrams for Blekinge, Småland, Östergötland och Västergötland.

Lateglacial and early Holocene multi-core and multi-proxy data set for the ancient lake at Hässeldala Port, southern Sweden

Complete multi-proxy data set for cores #1 to cores #6 from Hässeldala Port, southern Sweden (63 m a.s.l.) including: Lithostratigraphy, geochemistry, tephra,...


Stordalen lake temperatures

Temperature measurements in three small subarctic lakes (Inre Harrsjön, Mellersta Harrsjön, Villasjön) in the Stordalen Mire, 9 km east of Abisko, south of...


Arctic carbon

Lithology and thermal data from subsea permafrost drillcores of the SE Laptev Sea

Lithology and thermal data from four drill cores used in a study that documents current rates and mechanisms of subsea permafrost degradation in the East...

Seawater Carbonate System, Ocean Acidification and Related Parameters in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf Seas

This dataset builds on an order of magnitude more observations than reports to date on Ocean Acidification (OA) in the Arctic Ocean; and, for the first time in...



Swedish glaciers

A collection of photos, maps, videos and radar images for Swedish glaciers is presented. The large part of photos have been taken in connection with yearly...

Land cover

Historical land-cover data for 1901 in southeastern Sweden

Historical cadastral map (Häradskartan in Swedish) from the beginning of the 20th century over a 1652 km² area in southeastern Sweden was digitised in order...


Geomorphology and exposure datings in west-central Sweden

Geomorphological maps and a dataset of 50 cosmogenic exposure datings of paleo landforms and paleo surfaces from the following sites: Långfjället,...

Shore displacement in Uppland, Sweden

Images of paleogeographical maps of Uppland in Sweden 5000 BC to 500 AD.


Bulk density, ash content, humification, peat accumulation and selected lithogenic data of Store Mosse peat bog

Chemical and physical as well as age dating information from the Store Mosse peat bog in southern Sweden. This record dates back to 8900 cal yr BP. The aim of...

Tree rings

Himalayan spruce chronology from Bhutan

Dated Himalayan spruce chronology measurements with a resolution of 0.001 millimeters. The measurements are cross-dated and stored in decadal format.

Jämtland tree-ring chronology

An April to September temperature reconstruction for the period AD 1107–2007 based on tree-ring maximum density (MXD) from Jämtland in central Sweden.

Jämtland tree-ring chronology, Sweden, sample depth and RCS index data

Sample depth and regional curve standardization (RCS) index data based on tree-ring width (TRW) measurements in a tree-ring chronology from Scots pines (Pinus...

Torneträsk tree ring chronology

A temperature reconstruction for the period AD 500–2004 based on tree-ring maximum density (MXD) at Tornetrask in northern Sweden.

Tree ring reconstructed summer (JJA) temperatures over Bhutan

An annual temperature reconstruction, in degrees centigrade, produced from a 638 year long Himalayan spruce chronology. The chronology is a composite...