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High resolution topoclimate maps over Sweden

High spatial resolution (50 m grain-size) gridded maps of 10 years period (2000-2010) of monthly means, min and max temperature, and a map of Growing Degree...


Sediment cores

Multi-proxy dataset from Les Échets, France

¹⁴C dates, OSL dates, mineral magnetic, grain size, geochemistry, pollen and diatom data for the lacustrine sediment sequence of Les Échets in France...


Stordalen lake temperatures

Temperature measurements in three small subarctic lakes (Inre Harrsjön, Mellersta Harrsjön, Villasjön) in the Stordalen Mire, 9 km east of Abisko, south of...


Arctic carbon

Biomarker and bulk organic carbon data for surface sediments across the Laptev Sea

This dataset was compiled for a study that aims to assess the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in the Arctic marine environment by exploring how it changes...

Seawater Carbonate System, Ocean Acidification and Related Parameters in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf Seas

This dataset builds on an order of magnitude more observations than reports to date on Ocean Acidification (OA) in the Arctic Ocean; and, for the first time in...



Capabilities and limitations of numerical ice sheet models

Conceptual understanding of different types of numerical ice models, i.e. zeroth order-, higher order-, and Full Stokes ice shelf and/or ice sheet models.

Evolution of Tibetan Plateau Ice configurations during the last glacial cycle

Evolution of Tibetan Plateau Ice configurations during the last glacial cycle (125.000 YearsBeforePresent YBP till today)

Paleoglaciological reconstructions for the Tibetan Plateau during the last glacial cycle

The Tibetan Plateau is a topographic feature of extraordinary dimension and has an important impact on regional and global climate. However, the glacial...

Results from a 100-member ensemble of Greenland Ice Sheet model runs, 125 ka BP to 3500 AD

Output from 100 model runs with the ice sheet model SICOPOLIS by Ralf Greve. Each run was forced with the same temperature and sea level curves, but had...

Tarfala Data

Tarfala Data contains data for the research and monitoring programmes conducted by the students and staff of Stockholm University's Tarfala Research Station.


Global root zone storage capacity from satellite-based evaporation

This dataset includes global root zone storage capacity (a.k.a., soil water storage capacity) derived from satellite-based evaporation and precipitation data....

Hydro-chemical data of Kilombero Valley

Hydro-chemical and istope data from streams, groundwater and rice paddies. Samples were taken weekly during with the main period covering parts of 2013-2014....

Northern Hemisphere 1,200 Year Hydroclimatic Reconstruction

Comparison of gridded proxy reconstructed and climate model simulated hydroclimate and temperature variability across the Northern Hemisphere over the past...

Numerically modelled transport pathways in degrading permafrost

A numerical model which couples heat and water conservation equations combined with a post-processing routine for particle tracking of water pathways is used...

Spatial characterization of the Baltic Sea drainage basin and its unmonitored catchments

Harmonized hydrological base map of the entire Baltic Sea Drainage Basin, including 634 sub-drainage basins. Attribute data, added to all the sub-drainage...

Land cover

Historical land-cover data for 1901 in southeastern Sweden

Historical cadastral map (Häradskartan in Swedish) from the beginning of the 20th century over a 1652 km² area in southeastern Sweden was digitised in order...


Deglaciation pattern and chronology for the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet

A reconstruction of the deglaciation of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet, in the form of calendar-year time-slices, which are useful for ice sheet modelling, is...

Geomorphology and exposure datings in west-central Sweden

Geomorphological maps and a dataset of 50 cosmogenic exposure datings of paleo landforms and paleo surfaces from the following sites: Långfjället,...

Shore displacement in Uppland, Sweden

Images of paleogeographical maps of Uppland in Sweden 5000 BC to 500 AD.


Bulk density, ash content, humification, peat accumulation and selected lithogenic data of Store Mosse peat bog

Chemical and physical as well as age dating information from the Store Mosse peat bog in southern Sweden. This record dates back to 8900 cal yr BP. The aim of...


Stable isotope data from Neoproterozoic carbonate rocks, Islay, Scotland

Oxygen and carbon isotope data from the Lossit Limestone and Bonahaven Dolomite Formations. These formations are below and above the Port Askaig Tillite...


Carbon use efficiency along resource stoichiometry gradients

Carbon use efficiency (CUE, the ratio of carbon used for growth over carbon taken up) is an important regulator of the carbon cycle. This dataset presents a...

Soil organic carbon (SOC) storage in the Lena River Delta - pedon data

The Arctic Lena River Delta has been sampled with 50 soil pedons. These were classified according to the U.S.D.A. Soil Taxonomy and fall mostly into the...

Soil organic carbon (SOC) storage in the Lena River Delta - shapefile

The Arctic Lena River Delta has been sampled with 50 soil pedons. These were classified according to the U.S.D.A. Soil Taxonomy and fall mostly into the...

The Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database

Information and data from the Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database (NCSCD), a spatial dataset created for the purpose of quantifying storage of organic...

Tree rings

Himalayan spruce chronology from Bhutan

Dated Himalayan spruce chronology measurements with a resolution of 0.001 millimeters. The measurements are cross-dated and stored in decadal format.

Jämtland tree-ring chronology

An April to September temperature reconstruction for the period AD 1107–2007 based on tree-ring maximum density (MXD) from Jämtland in central Sweden.

Jämtland tree-ring chronology, Sweden, sample depth and RCS index data

Sample depth and regional curve standardization (RCS) index data based on tree-ring width (TRW) measurements in a tree-ring chronology from Scots pines (Pinus...

Moreju River, Russia, Tree Ring Stable Isotope Data

Tree ring stable carbon and oxygen isotope annual resolution data in alpha-cellulose of Siberian Spruce (Picea abies spp obovata) collected from remote forest...

Torneträsk tree ring chronology

A temperature reconstruction for the period AD 500–2004 based on tree-ring maximum density (MXD) at Tornetrask in northern Sweden.

Tree ring reconstructed summer (JJA) temperatures over Bhutan

An annual temperature reconstruction, in degrees centigrade, produced from a 638 year long Himalayan spruce chronology. The chronology is a composite...



Active layer dynamics Age model Annual resolution Approximation Arctic Bhutan Biodiversity Biomarkers Carbon Carbon cycling Carbon isotope Carbon isotopes Carbon-use efficiency Cations Chemistry Climate Climate change Climate model simulation Climate proxy data Cryology Deglaciation Deltas Dendrochronology Diatoms Drought Earth science East Siberia permafrost Ecological stoichiometry Effective humidity Fennoscandian Ice Sheet Flow pathways Geochemistry Geochronology Geomorphological maps Glacial geomorphology Glacial rebound Grain size Growing season degreee days HMW plant-wax lipids Habitat fragmentation Higher order models Himalayan Spruce Historical ecology Holocene Hydroclimate Hydrological modelling Hydrology Ice sheet dynamics Ice sheet modeling Ice shelves Ice streams Isotopes Jämtland Kilombero Valley Lake sediments Lake temperature Land cover change Land uplift Laptev Sea Les Echets Lignin MIS2 MIS3 MXD Marine Maximum temperature Mean temperature Mineral dust Mineral magnetics Minimum temperature Model-data comparison Multi-proxy Neoproterozoic glaciations Nitrogen Northern Hemisphere Numerical modelling Nutrient limitation OSL dates Ocean acidification Oxygen isotope Oxygen isotopes Paleo-geographic maps Paleoclimate reconstruction Peat Peat accumulation Periglacial geomorphology Permafrost Permafrost hydrogeology Phosphorus Picea spp. A. Dietr. Pollen Precipitation RCS Reconstruction Ring width Root depth Root zone storage capacity Russian Sub-Arctic Sample depth Scots pine Sediments Shallow ice Shore displacement Snowball Earth Soil Soil organic carbon Soil taxonomy Spatial reconstructions Stable isotopes Subarctic Summer temperature Svalbard Sweden TRW Tanzania Temperature reconstruction Terrestrial Thematic mapping Travel times Tree rings Tree-rings Unsaturated zone Water ¹⁴C dates