2018 Bolin Seminars

Welcome to the first seminar in the Bolin Centre Seminar Series!

The host is Research Area 2: Clouds, aerosols, turbulence and climate

Atmospheric Ice Nucleating Particles: Why we care and what we know!

Speaker: Dr. Heike Wex, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Researchk, Germany
Time: January 23 at 11h15–12h15
Place: Ahlmannsalen, Geoscience Building

The lectures will usually be streamed and saved on the Bolin Centre website.

Ice columns growing on a slab of feldspar, shortly after ice active sites on the feldspar nucleated the ice.  A. Kiselev et al., Science 10.1126/science.aai8034 (2016).Ice nucleating particles induce the ice formation in clouds and through this influence weather and climate. While first knowledge about them was gained already some decades ago, research on them kicked up in recent years, leading to new insights. But there are still important open  issues we need to understand.
The presentation will give an overview of the existing knowledge, starting from findings in the old days, focusing on new results and also mentioning open issues.



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