Frozen-Ground Cartoon

Explaining permafrost research using comic strips

In 2015, an international group of enthusiastic young researchers decided that it would be fun to explain permafrost research using comic strips. So was the Frozen-Ground Cartoon project born. In the North, both in Sweden and in many other places in the Arctic, it is very cold and large areas are underlain by frozen ground called permafrost. But the global climate is warming and thawing permafrost. This makes roads and rocks unstable and thaws large amounts of carbon stored in the ground. This project tries to explain with comic strips what permafrost is and how the land and people living on this land are affected by global warming. The project is coordinated by a core group of Permafrost Young Researchers from Canada and Europe, and the drawings are made by two professional young artists: Noémie Ross from Canada, and Heta Happonen from Finland. This project is supported by the International Permafrost Association (IPA) as a targeted 'Action Group' ( and by the Bolin Centre for Climate Research.

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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