Available positions Nov 2017
Klimatfortbildning med ljus horisont för lärare Nov 2017
Welcome to the Bolin Days 2017 Nov 2017
Research on Arctic permafrost is funded within Horizon 2020 Nov 2017
December 11– 15 American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting Nov 2017
in Swedish | An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power på Stockholms Filmfestival Nov 2017
in Swedish | Vetenskapensradio intervju med Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Centrum för medeltidsstudier Nov 2017
New Article in Nature Climate Change by NG scientist Oct 2017
in Swedish | Vetenskapensradio och Kotlet P1 | "Frågan är hur snabbt metanet frigörs?" Oct 2017
in Swedish | #55 Pod om vår tids hetaste frågor: Klimatförändringarna Sep 2017
ACES researcher received prestigious early career award Oct 2017
Call for Nominations 2018 | Bert Bolin Climate Lecture 2018 Oct 2017
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS | New article by Stefano Bonaglia et al. Oct 2017
Workshop | Area 7 (Landscape processes and climate) with a focus on Africa Oct 2017
Ten publications by IGV authors in SWERUS-C3 special issue Sep 2017
October 26 – RA3 and RA7 Seminar Oct 2017
New popular science book about climate history Sep 2017
New article in Ecology Letters | Optimal metabolic regulation along resource stoichiometry gradients Aug 2017
NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE | COMMENTARY "Whither methane in the IPCC process?" Oct 2017
Climate report presented at FN "Well Under 2 Degrees Celsius" Sep 2017
New Article in Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments Sep 2017
RA Seminar Series | RA6 Sep 2017
RA8 call for proposals for PhD and post-doc positions Sep 2017
RA Seminar Series | RA7 Sep 2017
Extreme Weather Events | Workshop Aug 2017
New Article | in Nature Plants by M. Steinthorsdottir Aug 2017
New Article | "Revising the hygroscopicity of inorganic sea salt particles" by Paul Zieger et al. Aug 2017
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta | New article by Catherine Hirst Aug 2017
The Arctic subsea permafrost is thawing faster than previously though | New study by ACES researchers and international colleagues Aug 2017
In Swedish | "Renar närmar sig samhället" Gunhild "Ninis" Rosqvist på EKOT, SverigesRadio P1 Aug 2017
New World Ocean mapping project | NF-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Jun 2017
Ahlfortpriset for the best dissertation in Physical Geography Jun 2017
New article in Science | Release of mineral-bound water prior to subduction tied to shallow seismogenic slip off Sumatra Jun 2017
Bolin Centre Call for applications: Integration projects Jun 2017
Artikel i Nature Geoscience "Internal and external forcing of multidecadal Atlantic climate variability over the past 1,200 years" May 2017
Frozen-Ground Cartoon project | Explaining permafrost with comic strips May 2017
The 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting in Stockholm 2017 May 2017
Conference PAST Gateways, 22–26 May May 2017
Bolin Climate Festival 2017! May 2017
Call for interdisciplinary flagship research proposals in research area RA-4 Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Mar 2017
Article in Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) "Direct determination of the air-sea CO2 gas transfer velocity in Arctic sea-ice regions" Apr 2017
Article in Global Change Biology by ACES researchers Apr 2017
The search for Ikaite Apr 2017
Bolinscentrets klimatfestival 15–18 maj! Apr 2017
Bolin Climate Lecture & Seminar | Thomas Cronin Apr 2017
In Swedish | Gustaf Hugelius (NG) med i artikel i Nature Apr 2017
Climate, life and global warming | bringing the climate change message to school children Apr 2017
The Bolin Centre endorses the March for Science Apr 2017
URPlay | "De yttersta barnen" intervju med Britta Sannel Mar 2017
Mentoring Program | Extra call Apr 2017
RA8 Workshop at Tovetorp Apr 2017
Lecture by Press Officer Elsa Adrielsson Helin Apr 2017
RA Seminar Series | RA4 Apr 2017
Most downloaded article in the Journal Climate of the Past Feb 2017
SverigesRadio P1 |"Krympande glaciärer i den svenska fjällvärlden" Feb 2017
RA Seminar Series | RA3 Mar 2017
Seminar | New seminar series on Gender, Gender Equality, and Natural Sciences held by SUs Gender Academy Mar 2017
In Swedish | "Nordeuropas klimathistoria kartläggs i internationellt borrprojekt" l intervju med Thomas Andrén Mar 2017
Glaciärerna på Nya Zeeland växte – men nu vänder trenden Feb 2017
Workshop | One-day RA2 workshop Mar 2017
RA5 is taking applications for funding projects/workshops! Mar 2017
Future climate-resilient and sustainable development in Nepal Feb 2017
100 MSEK grant to maritime robots Feb 2017
Celebrating Antarctica | booklet available now in Swedish Feb 2017
Ilona Riipinen (ACES) | Hur moln renar luften från partiklar Feb 2017
RA Seminar Series | RA2 Feb 2017
Ny bok om frusna ögonblick i polartrakterna Feb 2017
We welcome you to the RA5 Kick Off/Re-Launch! Jan 2017
Climate Research School announces the Call for financial support VT 2017 Jan 2017
Specialized workshop on the Eocene-Oligocene Climate Transition Jan 2017
Newsletter 2017 Jan 2017
Vetenskapsradion | Intervju med Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist Jan 2017
In Swedish | "Antropocen – ny geologisk epok skapad av människan" internju i vetandets värld SR Jan 2017
In Swedish | "Renarna drabbas redan av förändrat klimat" artikel i DN om Gunhild "Ninis" Rosqvist samarbete Jan 2017
The Bolin Centre | New seminar series with start January 10 Jan 2017
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