Climate in Focus – Bolin Days for Schools

Kids and school teachers are engaged in climate issues and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research offers a week with Climate in Focus.

Photo by Ansgar Walk

The first two days are dedicated to an interactive theatre for children 6–8 year of age. The kids are going back in time with a time train and experience different climates (and meet scary dinosaurs etc).

During the middle two days children of 9–11 years do hands on activities at four stations and experience climate issues by them selves. The reactions are usually “Wooow!”.

The last day is a day of further education for teachers with lectures by experience popular science scientists.

For further information, please see and the invitations Klimat i fokus 2015 elever och Klimat i fokus 2015 lärare.

Engaged persons:
Organizers at Naturens Hus:  Johan Lundberg, Ann Franzén
Organizer at the Bolin Centre: Karin Jonsell
Participating scientists: Meighan Boyd, Helen Coxall, Elisabeth Däcker, Annica Ekman, Robert Graham, Håkan Grudd, Alistair Hind, Fernando Jaramillo, Nina Kirchner, Erik Kjellström, Malin Kylander, Johan Nilsson, Malin Ödalen, Carmen Prieto, Alasdair Skelton, Malin Stenberg de Serves, Ulrika Svane

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