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Flag for the Bolin Days

The Bolin Days 2021 | Welcome to register!

The Bolin Days is our annual internal conference for and by our Bolin Centre members.

microscopic image, Eighteen-million-year-old planktonic foraminifera fossils from the Atlantic Ocean

Eos article show-casing the Bolin Centre-supported 'Miocene Temperature Portal'

Helen Coxall (Department of geological sciences) and Margret Steinthorsdottir (the Natural History Museum), together with collaborators from the UK and USA just published an article in the Journal Eos describing their latest collaborative effort to build an interactive platform for cataloguing palaeo ocean temperature proxy data.

Globe 3d climate modeling

Climate modelling at the Bolin Centre

Numerical models of the global climate system are essential in research carried out at the Bolin Centre. Earth system models are used across the research areas to study topics covering deep ocean circulation, land surface processes, atmospheric composition and dynamics and upper atmospheric physics.

view of river with green grass around and mountains on the background

RA 8 Seminar with Aelys M. Humphreys from DEEP

Variation in the thermal tolerance of plants at global and local scales.

Bolin Climate Reseach Centre neon sign

2021 November | RA3: Perspectives of Hydrology and Water Resources

The variability of water storage and fluxes over large tropical river basins from multi-satellite observations and their impacts on the land-ocean continuum


RA 3 Seminar with Josefin Thorslund, researcher in hydrology

Freshwater salinisation – drivers and impacts in river basins around the world.

a lake and mountains around

Arctic Avenue Fall Call 2021

The Arctic Avenue fall call is open. Application deadline October 20. Welcome with your application!

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Uplifted sedimentary stata of the early Permian Gipshuken formation in Billefjorden, Spitsbergen.

RA6 Funding of small projects or specific activities

We invite short proposals for funding of small projects or specific activities, related to your research.