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Isberg. Foto: Martin Jakobsson

Klimatfestivalen – nu är bokningen öppen!

Välkomna att boka platser på Bolincentrets digitala Klimatfestival 2021.
Vi bjuder in till ett fullspäckat program som sträcker sig över tre dagar där ni kan boka in er på aktiviteter, föreläsningar och ett livesänt avslut från Campus Frescati den 21 maj som ni garanterat inte vill missa!

en glob som visar havscirkulationsmönster med pilar

A new warming phase in the Subpolar North Atlantic

2005–2015 has been a cool period, but since 2016 and onwards, scientists now can see the first signs of a new warming period.

Ice wedge

A better understanding of how soil carbon is distributed in the Arctic

Two scientific articles bring a better understanding of the spatial variability of soil organic carbon in the Arctic permafrost region.

Bolin Climate Reseach Centre neon sign

New Policy Brief from the Bolin Centre Climate Arena

This policy brief provides you as a decision- or policymaker with the information needed to make decisions or policies concerning CCS, by presenting the necessary background knowledge and giving motivated answers to specific questions about CCS as a climate change solution.

Paul (with glasses) looking right at the camera

Paul Crutzen – an exceptional researcher

The Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen has passed away. During his years in Stockholm, Paul Crutzen worked closely alongside Bert Bolin.

Water falls. Photo by Karin Jonsell

RA3 seed money 2021

Open call for applications of the 2021 seed money from RA3: Hydrology, Cryosphere and Climate

two people, one writting on white board, another sitting beside

Researcher in climate science

DEEP is looking for a person with a background in climate modelling, empirical or statistical downscaling, physical geography, microclimate processes and geographic information systems.
The position will be placed at Stockholm University, but there will be close collaboration with the Rossby Centre at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

areal view of a lake and some green fields.

RA7 seed money 2021

Open call for applications of the 2021 seed money from RA7: landscape processes and climate.