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Flooded huts. Photo: Hagen Berndt/MostPhotos

Humanitarian needs crucial for UN disaster relief after climate disasters

A new study published in PNAS finds that aid provided by the United Nations (UN) in the aftermath of climate-related disasters is driven by humanitarian need rather than by strategic donor interests.

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RA8 seed money 2021

RA8 have 400 000 SEK to support smaller/pilot projects, workshops, equipment, field work, conference participation, etc.

Low Pressure System Ove rIceland. Photo by NASA

Winter/spring call for RA1 funding

We now invite proposals for the winter/spring call for RA1 funding. We have a larger funding pot this year. Thus, there is a chance to think a little bigger!

Globe with the arctic and surroundings

Quantifying the known unknown

Stockholm University researchers on the potential climate impacts of thawing subsea permafrost