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Satellit i rymden. Foto: OHB Sweden and SNSA

Launch of the MATS satellite

The new Swedish research satellite MATS will be launched by RocketLab from the space port in Mahia, New Zealand, in November 2022. After several years of development and delays, lastly due to a cancelled Russian launch, the MATS satellite will finally get into orbit and start collecting data.


Thawing permafrost missing from climate negotiations

An international initiative led by researchers at the Bolin Centre for Climate Research, among others, stresses the need to take thawing permafrost into account in negotiations to reach global climate goals.


New base and new directors at the Bolin Centre

As of 1 January 2022, the Bolin Centre for Climate Research is based at the Department of Environmental Science. Professor Ilona Riipinen from the Department of Environmental Science and Associate Professor Gustaf Hugelius from the Department of Physical Geography are the Centre’s new directors.