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Map over Peatland permafrost loss

Large stocks of peatland carbon and nitrogen are vulnerable to permafrost thaw

A study by Gustaf Hugelius et al finds that warming will likely shift the greenhouse gas balance of northern peatlands.

Thawing permaforst

Priming effect of plant roots boosts carbon emissions

A key uncertainty in climate projections is the amount of carbon emitted by thawing permafrost in the Arctic. Plant roots in soil stimulate microbial decomposition, a mechanism called priming effect.


Pristine environments offer a window to our cloudy past

A new study uses satellite data over the Southern Hemisphere to understand global cloud composition during the industrial revolution. This research tackles one of the largest uncertainties in today’s climate models.

close up of rock wall

New soil models may ease atmospheric CO2

To remove carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere in an effort to slow climate change, scientists must get their hands dirty and peek underground.

Two maps over the nordic seas showing circulation pathways

New article in Nature Communications

Discovery of an unrecognized pathway carrying overflow waters toward the Faroe Bank Channel