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3D model of the Hardanger fjord

Demise of a glacier, uncovering a fjord

When the last ice age was over, a large glacier covering the 1000 meter deep Hardangerfjord collapsed. These events at the end of the ice age in Norway, resemble what we are about to witness in today’s Greenland

View of lake Nam Co or Heavenly Lake in Mongolian.

The key to understanding climate change at the Third Pole lies in the past

Scientists from 17 countries have begun an urgent expedition to improve our knowledge of climatic changes on the Tibetan Plateau.

Cover of Geophysical Research Letters journal

Skewness of Temperature Data Implies an Abrupt Change in the Climate System Between 1985 and 1991

In a new study, researchers find evidence of a sudden change in the climate that affected Europe and probably occurred between 1985 and 1991.


Past is Key to Predicting Future Climate, Scientists Say

In a review paper published in the journal Science, a group of climate experts make the case for including paleoclimate data in the development of climate models.

Soil sampling in the Lena River Delta

How sensitive is soil carbon turnover to climate warming?

In a new article in Nature Communications, researchers use a combination of maps and Earth System models to estimate how sensitive soil carbon turnover is to climate warming