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Exploring Earth by scientific ocean drilling: 2050 scientific framework

International Ocean Discovery Program releases new Science Framework with contributions from IGV scientists O'Regan (co-author) and Pease (external reviewer).

Methane bubbles from the Arctic seabed

Swedish-Russian expedition finds new hotspots of methane emissions in Siberian Arctic seabed

Twelve researchers from the Department of Environmental Science participate in the ISSS-2020 expedition on board a Russian research vessel to study the link between biogeochemical cycles and climate change.

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Bolin Days 2020 – Call for posters

This is the perfect opportunity to communicate your research and to practice making posters for future large research conferences.

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Bolin Days 2020 | Registration is now open!

The Bolin Days is our annual conference where new climate science results are presented and we meet each other to exchange ideas, share our experience and find new inspiration.