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Karen Kohfeld. Photo: Elena Sarasom

Open Lecture by Professor Karen Kohfeld

Open Lecture by Professor Karen Kohfeld

Photo Credit: Marcin Klisz

Workshop: Effective scientific presentations

Maximize the signal-to-noise ratio from your next talk

Field work at Storglaciären in Tarfala. Photo: Per Holmlund.

Tarfala Research Station Day 18 November

Welcome to a workshop where we exchange ideas, share our experiences, find new inspiration and discuss possibilities to conduct field work at TRS and its surroundings.

Plant pipe cell reinforced with lignin

Plants can resist climate change challenges and recover by adjusting lignin “chemical code"

A new study shows that we can create and/or select plants that can better recover from drought without affecting the size of the plant or seed yield by genetically modifying their lignin chemistry. These results could be used in both agriculture and forestry to tackle future climate challenges.

Funding of small grants (seed money) from RT4 | Climate, Ecosystems and Biodiversity

We hereby announce an open call for applications of the 2022th seed money from RT4