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Thawing permafrost in polygonal tundra

50x30 because we cannot negotiate with the melting point of ice

A new coalition is urging governments to prevent long-term – and essentially permanent – dire global consequences from the Earth’s cryosphere (snow and ice) regions due to overshoot of the Paris climate goals, just as the U.S.-hosted Climate Summit begins.

view from helicopter over ryder glacier

Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords

A new study shows that thick sea-ice can increase the sensitivity of Greenlandic fjords to climate warming.


Methane releases from the East Siberian Arctic Ocean

A new article in PNAS by Bolin Centre researchers Julia Steinbach, Henry Holmstrand, Volker Brückert, Örjan Gustafsson and colleagues.

Ryder glacier, Northern Greenland, August 2019

Time lapse imagery of Ryder glacier

During the Ryder 2019 expedition, a time lapse camera was set up overlooking the calving front of Ryder glacier in order to create a high resolution data set of calving events during a 12-day period.

Isberg. Foto: Martin Jakobsson

Klimatfestivalen – nu är bokningen öppen!

Välkomna att boka platser på Bolincentrets digitala Klimatfestival 2021.
Vi bjuder in till ett fullspäckat program som sträcker sig över tre dagar där ni kan boka in er på aktiviteter, föreläsningar och ett livesänt avslut från Campus Frescati den 21 maj som ni garanterat inte vill missa!

Illustration, three levels of trees

The forest is a buffer against warming

New review published in Global Change Biology