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Soil sampling in the Lena River Delta

How sensitive is soil carbon turnover to climate warming?

In a new article in Nature Communications, researchers use a combination of maps and Earth System models to estimate how sensitive soil carbon turnover is to climate warming

Blue sky with white puffy clouds.

New study highlights shortcomings in current modelling of water uptake by aerosols

In the study, the team were interested in how well Earth system models predict the water uptake of aerosol particles and its influence on aerosol optical properties.

illustration of a Perch (fish)

What’s new in the Baltic Sea? Get some marine glimpses here!

Read three newly published papers with an easy to read summary on Dept. of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences website.

3D-visualization showing the seafloor bathymetry of the previously uncharted Sherard Osborn

Data from Uncharted Waters Provides Key Insights into Glacial Melting Processes

New bathymetric and oceanographic data collected by an international team of ocean scientists provide important insights into the processes that are controlling the rapid loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet over the last four decades.

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