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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

PhD student in palaeoclimatology/dendroclimatology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is searching for a PhD student in palaeoclimatology/dendroclimatology for the project ”ClimateCultures – Socionatural entanglements in Little Ice Age Norway (1500–1800)”. The PhD student will work closely together with historians in the project which is interdisciplinary. More information at

SU bibliotek, dörrar

Ledigt jobb på Stockholms universitet som Datakoordinator/Data Steward

Den nya data stewarden kommer att arbeta med att utbilda och stödja forskare i deras arbete med forskningsdatahantering.

A crack in Petermann Ice Shelf

The rocky road to accurate sea-level predictions

The type of material present under glaciers has a big impact on how fast they slide towards the ocean. Scientists face a challenging task to acquire data of this under-ice landscape, let alone how to represent it accurately in models of future sea-level rise.

graphs showing varve sites and the ice retreat.

Rate of ice retreat during the last ice age

A new study maps out how fast the ice retreated in the region Skåne-Småland-Öland during a period of 725 years.

brown grass and water

The complexity of Arctic wetland systems in a changing climate

A new study identified feedbacks that go beyond Arctic landscapes and need to be considered for the whole planet.

Photo: Martin Jakobsson

New report: Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers on Arctic Climate, Air Quality, and Human Health

Bolin scientists Annica Ekman, Srinath Krishnan and Hans Christen Hansson, together with international colleagues, have contributed to a Summary for Policy Makers published by The Arctic Council’s working group Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program AMAP.

book cover: Patterns Identification and Data Mining in Weather and Climate

Patterns Identification and Data Mining in Weather and Climate

Bolin Centre scientist Abdelwaheb Hannachi have published a new book titled Patterns Identification and Data Mining in Weather and Climate.