Photo: Åsa Nilsson Austin
Photo: Åsa Nilsson Austin

At a first the director, project manager and all composers met with all researchers. Everyone presented themselves, their research and their music. Based on this first meeting and reflections on all impressions, the director paired composers with researchers.

One of the nine researchers selected to have their research translated into a musical work during the Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab is Åsa Nilsson Austin, a postdoctoral researcher at the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. The music composed to Åsa's research will be presented during the performance 'Sense of place'.

It feels new, developing and above all very exciting and fun!

says Åsa Nilsson Austin

Performances August 25 - 26

The project has resulted in three research performances, with musicians from the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. During the performances, "Sense of Place", "Emergence" and "One Health", the audience will experience three variations on each theme, before the participants meet for a moderated discussion about the Baltic Sea and what can inspire hope.

Aug 25

16.00-16.45 Intro and moderated discussion: Why should music meet science?
17.00-18.05 Performance 1: SENSE OF PLACE

Aug 26

15.00-16.05 Performance 2: EMERGENCE
16.15-17.20 Performance 3: ONE HEALTH

During the performances, several researchers from Stockholm University will have their research translated to music: Gabriel Freitas and Kyra Spaan, both PhD students at the Department of Environmental Science, Agnes Olin, postdoc at the The Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, and Carolin Seiferth, PhD student at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The conversation "Why should music and science meet?" will be held between Anna Sobek, Professor in Environmental Chemistry at the Department of Environmental Science and Thorsten Blenckner, Associate Professor of Limnology at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University.

The performances will be broadcasted live on Berwaldhallen Play.

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