Welcome to our second breakfast session with the theme Climate Science in the Media. Our breakfast sessions aims to function as a platform for journalists and scientists to exchange knowledge and experiences of working in fields that are becoming increasingly intertwined.

This session highlights what the general public would like to know about climate issues, and what media and researchers roles are in this, based on a new study from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. We will also offer exclusive insights from our latest research. To ensure inclusivity, the breakfast will be conducted in both Swedish and English.

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08.00–08.10 Welcome! Re-cap from the last breakfast session and todays program

Hosted by Nina Kirchner and Alasdair Skelton, co-Directors at the Bolin Centre

08.10–08.25 Presentation| What does the Swedish general public want to know about climate and what is media’s role?

Anna-Karin Nyström and Stina Söderqvist, from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, presents results from a survey investigating what the general public wants to know about climate, and through which channels they prefer to receive this information. The results show that both media and academia play key roles.

08.25–08.45 Moderated discussion | How can we cooperate to best meet public demands for climate-change related information?

Which path and strategy shall academia and media chose to provide the best possible information about climate issues to a broad, general audience? Which are known obstacles when communicating research findings, and how do we prepare for unknows ones? Nina Kirchner and Alasdair Skelton, Bolin Centre co-Directors, moderates the discussion.

08.45–08.55 Latest research update – behind the scenes at the Bolin Centre for Climate Research

Nina Kirchner and Alasdair Skelton gives an exclusive preview of their discovery that warming in Europe became faster in 1990 and how this may relate to the melting of Arctic sea ice and cleaner air.

08.55–09.00 Questions & Wrap up


Please register by e-mailing annika.granebeck@su.se