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At TRS you have the opportunity to investigate the surrounding glaciers and landforms, the glacial lakes and streams which run through the valley, along with permafrost soil and Arctic vegetation and ecosystem to name but a few examples. Facilities at TRS include laboratories, workrooms, a workshop and various research instruments readily available, and you will be offered comfortable accommodation with showers, sauna, washing machine and cooked food directly in the Swedish Arctic. Everyone interested in conducting field work at TRS is welcome to join the workshop on Feb 7, 2022. We hope to see you there!

Field work at Lake Tarfala ca 1 km from Tarfala Research Station with Kebnepakte Glacier in the background. Photo: Annika Granebeck

Preliminary program
10.00 | Welcome to Tarfala  
Introductions to the station and its surroundings  
10.30 | Ongoing projects
Presentation of currently running research and long-term observational programs
11.00 | Suggestions and possibilities for you
Inspiration for new research projects which are possible to conduct at TRS
12.00 | Lunch
13.00 | Fika and mingel
Fika, mingel and brainstorm with new colleagues about potential co-projects   

14.00 | Workshop ends