screen shot from a childrens videogame
Photo credit: SMHI

Serious gaming has gained increasing prominence in climate change communication, and provides an opportunity to engage new audiences and new platforms for knowledge co-creation and dialogues. This game is about adapting a fictional city, Weatherton, to a changing climate. The players act as decision-makers for the city’s climate adaptation, which provides insight into how the economy and people’s lives are affected by climate adaptation measures. This is an excellent opportunity to test a novel way to communicate climate research, perhaps you are interested in doing something similar with your research?

Time & place: January 20 at 16h00–17h00, online
Game leaders: Pontus Wallin and Aino Krunegård from SMHI
Register: by e-mailing

About the game
Research on the Climate Adaptation Game

The game has been developed by SMHI together with Linköping University and in collaboration with high school teachers.