Are you interested to learn how you can utilize climate data to develop a climate adaptation service? Then, this free online training should be of interest to you! The course is a cooperation between Sweden and Island, within EU:s Copernicus Programme.

The training program focuses on helping the participant to develop a climate service using a climate adaptation case study, supported by the Climate Data Store (CDS) and its toolbox in the selection and analysis of relevant climate data. A team of trainers will guide and give support to the participants throughout the steps of the training.

The program:

Tuesday, 2 March 13.00–15.00, virtual classroom
Tuesday, 9 March 13.00–16.00, virtual classroom
Tuesday, 16 March 12.30–16.00, virtual classroom
Tuesday, 23 March 13.00–15.30, virtual classroom
Tuesday, 30 March 13.00–15.30, virtual classroom

schematic planing for 5 days workshop

The target audiences are

  • Sectoral end users (for example from agriculture, water and spatial planning) who will gain an understanding on how climate data is produced.
  • Consultant & researchers who want to learn how to use climate data and identify opportunities offered by the CDS and main climate data sources and tools.
  • MSc and PhD Students in hydrology, environmental sciences, physical geography or related fields who want to acquire additional skills.
  • Climatologists & data experts who want to acknowledge the full process of creating a climate service and want to gain skills on the CDS and its components.

More information and registration on Copernicus Climate Change Service’s website.

Semjon Schimanke (SMHI) and Pontus Wallin (SMHI) are supporting the Copernicus team as local trainers.

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact them:
Semjon Schimanke,
Pontus Wallin,