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The new 2050 Science Framework for Scientific Ocean Drilling guides multidisciplinary subseafloor research into the interconnected processes that characterize the complex Earth system and shape our planet's future. The 2050 Science Framework has a 25-year outlook, inspiring state-of-the-art approaches for scientific ocean drilling far into the mid-21st century. Foundational Earth science research is described in seven Strategic Objectives and five Flagship Initiatives with Enabling Elements that encourage innovation and new discoveries. The Framework is supported by Enduring Principles that discuss access to data, the proposal process, planning and safety, diversity and inclusion, and international collaboration.

The full-length 124-page document guides scientists on the important research frontiers that scientific ocean drilling should pursue and often that only can be achieved through scientific ocean drilling. The framework focuses on the many ways in which scientific ocean drilling wll increase our understanding of the fundamental connections among Earth system components while addressing a range of natural and human-caused environmental challenges facing society.

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The Department of Geological Sciences, IGV, has been represented both on the writing team (Matt O'Regan) and the external review committee (Victoria Pease).