Gustaf Hugelius at the Bolin Centre for Climate Research at COP27 in Egypt.

On 6–18 November, the COP27 climate summit will be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The parties must then negotiate how the climate work will be carried out and how to follow up previous decisions. Gustaf Hugelius, reader at the Department of Physical Geography and associate director of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research at Stockholm University, is one of the researchers who will participate in COP27.

Expert on the Arctic and permafrost thawing

He is going to COP27 to present research on how human emissions cause irreversible damage to the frozen parts of the Earth's climate system, what is sometimes called the cryosphere.
“My own expertise is surrounding permafrost. Permafrost thawing causes additional greenhouse gas emissions that within a few decades will be greater than the entire EU's total emissions.”   

Gustaf Hugelius will present research in the Cryosphere Pavilion on how climate change affects the Arctic, permafrost and wetlands. The Bolin Center for Climate Research is one of the co-organizers of this pavilion.  The purpose of the Cryosphere Pavilion is to serve as a focal point for research, communication and conversations about the cryosphere (sea ice, glaciers, snow and permafrost). He will also try to sit and listen in cases where negotiations are open to participating researchers.    

What do you hope COP27 will result in?
“Overall, I hope that more countries will advertise, and argue for, more ambitious emission reductions (so-called nationally determined contributions). There will be important negotiations around "loss and damage", i.e. how developed countries with a large emission debt will take economic and moral responsibility for the damage caused by climate change. Other important issues concern how the use of coal as an energy source can be quickly reduced and a potential common global market for emission rights. For the Bolin Center, I hope that we can get out our important research results to decision-makers, officials and other organizations”, says Gustaf Hugelius.

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This article was originally published on the Stockholm University's website.