Aim: All projects with a research purpose related to the Bolin Centre RA3 theme of Hydrology, Cryosphere and Climate. Note that this theme includes all aspects of the cryosphere and freshwater hydrology and water resources, including domains such as contaminants and other substances transported by surface and subsurface waters, as long as there is a clear climate relevance.

Potential projects: Fieldwork, sampling, analyses, equipment, cost related to hire a student or field assistant for not more than one month full time, conferences, workshops or visits of external researchers. In the case of salaries, an overhead of 20% can be assumed.

The funds can also go towards co-funding and reinforcing projects funded by other RAs if added value and RA3 relevance can be clearly demonstrated.

Available funding: The total budget of the call is approximately 400,000 SEK. The budget for proposed projects should be no more than 100,000 SEK.

Eligible applicants: The main applicant should be a member of RA3 and be employed at SU, KTH or SMHI.

Format of proposals: The competitive proposal should fit within maximum of 2 pages and should contain a project background and motivation, a description of relevance for RA3, a project plan, expected output and a budget. Font Times New Roman 10, single-spaced. No CV:s or publication lists are to be submitted. Funds not utilized for financing activities before December 31, 2021 shall be repaid to Bolin Center. Please inform if you have submitted the same proposal to the call of another Research Area.

Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated based on (1) scientific quality, (2) relevance to the scope of RA3 and (3) effort to build new collaborations within the Bolin Centre.

Submission: Send proposals as a single pdf file to at the latest on March 8, 2021. Decisions will be announced before Match 30.


Assistant Professor and Docent
Hydrology, Water Resources and Permafrost Unit
Bolin Research Area 3 – Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Climate