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Arctic carbon

Bulk organic carbon and biomarker data for the marine sediment core SWERUS-L2-4-PC1, Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean

This dataset was created to reconstruct the historical remobilization of permafrost carbon from the Beringian landmass to the Chukchi Sea. We analyzed carbon...

Seawater Carbonate System, Ocean Acidification and Related Parameters in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf Seas

This dataset builds on an order of magnitude more observations than reports to date on Ocean Acidification (OA) in the Arctic Ocean; and, for the first time in...

The Circum-Arctic Sediment Carbon Database — Carbon, nitrogen and isotopes in sediment cores of the Arctic Ocean

This dataset is part of the Circum-Arctic Sediment Carbon Database (CASCADE) and contains data for sediment cores across the Arctic Ocean, which are divided...

The Circum-Arctic Sediment Carbon Database — Carbon, nitrogen, isotopes and biomarkers in surface sediments of the Arctic Ocean

This dataset is part of the Circum-Arctic Sediment Carbon Database (CASCADE) and contains carbon data of surface sediments across the Arctic Ocean. Surface...

The Circum-Arctic Sediment Carbon Database — CASCADE

The Circum-Arctic Sediment CArbon DatabasE (CASCADE) was established to curate data on concentrations of organic carbon (OC) and total nitrogen (TN), OC...

The Circum-Arctic Sediment Carbon Database — Gridded carbon, nitrogen and isotope data in surface sediments of the Arctic Ocean

This dataset is part of the Circum-Arctic Sediment Carbon Database (CASCADE) and contains gridded data of organic carbon (OC), total nitrogen (TN) and OC...





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