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Northern Hemisphere Extra-Tropics 2,000-year Decadal Temperature Reconstruction

Multi-proxy temperature reconstruction for the extra-tropical Northern Hemisphere (90–30°N) during the last two millennia based on 30 palaeotemperature...

Stockholm Winter/Spring 500-Year Temperature Reconstruction

Historical documentary sources, reflecting different port activities in Stockholm, are used along with the instrumental temperature record to derive a...

Weather observations

Stockholm Historical Weather Observations

Stockholm daily historical weather observations since 1756. Homogenized daily averages of air temperature and air pressure at the Stockholm old astronomical...


Arctic carbon

Centennial-scale sediment records of organic matter supply and degradation status from the East Siberian Sea

Bulk properties (organic carbon content, nitrogen content, mineral surface area, stable and radiocarbon isotopes), as well as biomarker concentrations (lignin...


Land cover

Historical land-cover data for 1901 in southeastern Sweden

Historical cadastral map (Häradskartan in Swedish) from the beginning of the 20th century over a 1652 km² area in southeastern Sweden was digitised in order...


Biogenic and geochemical data covering the last 1700 years from a peat and sediment core from Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

This data set contains proxy data from a paleoenvironment reconstruction study covering the last 1700 years conducted on a peat core from Lydenburg, Mpumalanga...