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Black carbon concentrations and carbon isotope signatures for three sites in China, January 2013

The dataset includes concentrations, stable carbon isotope signatures (δ¹³C) and radiocarbon signatures of elemental carbon (EC - thermal-optical tracer of...

Black carbon isotope signatures from Himalaya and Tibet

Carbon isotope signatures of Elemental Carbon (EC) from aerosols and snow pits collected in Himalaya and Tibet during 2013/2014.


Sediment cores

Lateglacial and early Holocene multi-core and multi-proxy data set for the ancient lake at Hässeldala Port, southern Sweden

Complete multi-proxy data set for cores #1 to cores #6 from Hässeldala Port, southern Sweden (63 m a.s.l.) including: Lithostratigraphy, geochemistry, tephra,...


Arctic carbon

Biomarker and bulk organic carbon data for surface sediments across the Laptev Sea

This dataset was compiled for a study that aims to assess the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in the Arctic marine environment by exploring how it changes...

Centennial-scale sediment records of organic matter supply and degradation status from the East Siberian Sea

Bulk properties (organic carbon content, nitrogen content, mineral surface area, stable and radiocarbon isotopes), as well as biomarker concentrations (lignin...

Sediment cores

Data from IODP Site U1338 and DSDP Site 573

Data comprise bulk and fine fraction C and O stable isotopes, carbonate content, coarse fraction content, age and depths of samples from IODP Site U1338 and...

Paleoceanographic proxy data sets from the Eocene-Oligocene boundary interval of ODP Site 1218, eastern Equatorial Pacific

Paleoceanographic proxy records from Ocean Drilling Program Site 1218 in the eastern equatorial Pacific (EEP): (1) stable isotope (δ¹⁸O and δ¹³C)...



Hydro-chemical data of Kilombero Valley

Hydro-chemical and istope data from streams, groundwater and rice paddies. Samples were taken weekly during with the main period covering parts of 2013-2014....


Biogenic and geochemical data covering the last 1700 years from a peat and sediment core from Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

This data set contains proxy data from a paleoenvironment reconstruction study covering the last 1700 years conducted on a peat core from Lydenburg, Mpumalanga...


Stable isotope data from Neoproterozoic carbonate rocks, Islay, Scotland

Oxygen and carbon isotope data from the Lossit Limestone and Bonahaven Dolomite Formations. These formations are below and above the Port Askaig Tillite...

Tree rings

Moreju River, Russia, Tree Ring Stable Isotope Data

Tree ring stable carbon and oxygen isotope annual resolution data in alpha-cellulose of Siberian Spruce (Picea abies spp obovata) collected from remote forest...