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Sediment cores

Holocene multi-proxy and multi-core data set for Lake Kumphawapi in northern Thailand

Lithostratigraphy, radiocarbon dates, magnetic susceptibility, geochemistry, biomarkers, diatom counts and percentages, biogenic silica, grain size, major...

Paleoenvironmental data from Lake Chilau, southern Mozambique, inferring savanna and lake level dynamics in the last 7700 years

This data set contains proxy data from a paleoenvironment reconstruction study covering the last 7700 years in southern Mozambique, derived from fossil...


Sediment cores

North Atlantic Eocene Oligocene foraminiferal stable isotope and Mg/Ca proxy data

Benthic and planktic foraminifera oxygen and carbon stable isotope measurements from four North Atlantic deep sea drill sites from the late Eocene to early...