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Arctic carbon

Biomarker and bulk organic carbon data for surface sediments across the Laptev Sea

This dataset was compiled for a study that aims to assess the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in the Arctic marine environment by exploring how it changes...

Bulk organic carbon and biomarker data for the marine sediment core SWERUS-L2-4-PC1, Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean

This dataset was created to reconstruct the historical remobilization of permafrost carbon from the Beringian landmass to the Chukchi Sea. We analyzed carbon...

Cross-shelf transport time and degradation rates for terrestrial organic matter in the Laptev Sea

This dataset contains compound-specific radiocarbon dates for long-chain fatty acids (specific terrestrial biomarkers) along a 600-km transect from the Lena...

Lithology and thermal data from subsea permafrost drillcores of the SE Laptev Sea

Lithology and thermal data from four drill cores used in a study that documents current rates and mechanisms of subsea permafrost degradation in the East...

Organic carbon data from the Eurasian Arctic Shelf

Percentage of permafrost organic carbon resequestered by iron oxides in the Eurasian Arctic Shelf. Overall, the 15 ± 5% in the Laptev Sea and 6.4 ± 5% in...

Seawater Carbonate System, Ocean Acidification and Related Parameters in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf Seas

This dataset builds on an order of magnitude more observations than reports to date on Ocean Acidification (OA) in the Arctic Ocean; and, for the first time in...





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