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Aerosols Age model Air pollution Arctic Arctic Ocean Arctic shelves Benthic Foraminifera Benthic foraminifera Biomarkers Black carbon Bulk carbonate Bulk marine sediment Carbon Carbon and Oxygen isotopes Carbon and oxygen isotopes Carbon cycle Carbon dioxide reconstructions Carbon isotope Carbon isotopes Carbon remobilization Carbon system China Chukchi Sea Climate Climate change Climate change feedback Coastal erosion Coccolithophores Compound-specific radiocarbon Concentrations Deep sea Deep water Deglaciation Degradation rates Delhi Diatoms Early Holocene East Siberian Sea Eastern Equatorial Pacific Eastern equatorial Pacific Ebullution Elemental carbon Emissions Eocene Equatorial Pacific Geochemistry HMW plant-wax lipids Himalaya Hydrogen isotopes Hässeldala ISSS-08 Icebreaker Oden India Indo-Gangetic Plain Isotopes Isotopologues Lake Lake sediments Laptev Sea Late Miocene-early Pliocene Lateglacial Lignin Lithostratigraphy Marine geology Methane Methane isotopes Mg/Ca Multi-core Multi-proxy North Atlantic Ocean circulation Oligocene Oxygen Oxygen isotope PM2.5 Palaeoceanography Palaeoclimate Paleoclimate Paleoenvironment Past carbon cycling Percentages Permafrost Permafrost carbon Planktic foraminifera Pollen counts Productivity Radiocarbon dates Russian Sub-Arctic SWERUS-C3 SWERUS-C3 expedition Sediment properties Sediment size fractions Sediment transport Sediments Snow Source apportionment South Asia Southern Sweden Stable isotopes Subarctic Tephra Tibet Transport modeling Tree rings Wildfire