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ACSE Antarctica Arctic Ocean Arctic boundary layer Arctic clouds Bathymetry Benthic foraminifera Biogenic Bloom Biogeochemistry Biomarker Biomarkers Bottom water temperature Bulk marine sediment Bulk sediment CO₂ reconstruction Carbon Carbon and Oxygen isotopes Carbon dioxide Carbon isotopes Carbon to nitrogen ratio Chukchi Sea Climate model Climate proxy data Climate sensitivity Climate variability Coccolithophores Concentration Deep water Diffusion East Siberia East Siberian Margin East Siberian Sea Eastern equatorial Pacific Ebullution Eemian Eocene Finland Flux Foraminifera Fossil leaves Geochemical proxy data Geophysics Greenhouse Greenhouse gas Herald Canyon High Arctic Hydrogen isotopes Icebreaker Oden Java Kara Sea Lake Laptev Sea Last Interglacial Late Miocene Lateglacial Lomonosov Ridge MIS 5e Marine Geology Marine Heat Flow Marine geology Marine sediment Maritime continent Meridional overturning circulation Meteorology Methane Methane isotopes Mg/Ca Micrometeorology Miocene Miocene Climatic Optimum Multi-proxy Multibeam North Atlantic Northern circumpolar permafrost region Ocean circulation Oceanography Oden Oligocene Organic carbon Oxygen Palaeoceanography Palaeoclimate Paleoceanography Paleoclimate Paleoenvironment Paleotemperature Planktic foraminifera Position and speed SWERUS-C3 SWERUS-C3 expedition Salinity Sea surface temperature Seafloor morphology Seasonality changes Seawater temperature Sediment properties Ship log Ship navigation Soil organic carbon Southern Sweden Stable isotopes Stomatal proxy Subarctic Subsea permafrost Surface water TEX86 Total nitrogen Trace gas Uk'37 Volcanoes Warm-pool Weather station