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Sediment cores

Lateglacial and early Holocene multi-core and multi-proxy data set for the ancient lake at Hässeldala Port, southern Sweden

Complete multi-proxy data set for cores #1 to cores #6 from Hässeldala Port, southern Sweden (63 m a.s.l.) including: Lithostratigraphy, geochemistry, tephra,...

Lateglacial and early Holocene multi-proxy data set for the ancient lake at Atteköpsmosse, southern Sweden

Lithostratigraphy, tephra, geochemistry, biomarkers, hydrogen isotopes, radiocarbon dates, age model, chironomid counts and percentages, pollen counts and...


Sediment cores

The 3.6 ka Aniakchak tephra in marine sediments from the Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean

The eruption of the Alaskan Aniakchak volcano of 3.6 thousand years ago was one of the largest Holocene eruptions worldwide. The resulting ash is found in...