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AO2018 ACAS ACSE AO16 AO18 AO2016 AO2018 Active layer dynamics Air temperature Air-sea interaction Alpine Arctic Arctic Ocean Arctic Ocean 2016 Arctic Ocean 2018 Arctic boundary layer Arctic clouds Arctic gateways Atlantic meridional overturning circulation Baltic Sea Benthic foraminifera Bulk marine sediment CTD Carbon Carbon and Oxygen isotopes Carbon dioxide Chukchi Sea Climate change Climate modelling Climate proxy data Cloud and fog biology and chemistry Cloud radar Cloud residuals Cloudnet Clouds Coccolithophores Cryology Deep water Earth science East Siberian Margin East Siberian Sea Eastern equatorial Pacific Ebullution Eddy covariance Eocene Eocene-Oligocene Transition Flow pathways Forest GCVI Gialova lagoon Greece Greenhouse gas Herald Canyon High Arctic Historical Hydrography Hydrology Ice-nucleating particles Icebreaker Oden Inorganic and organic composition Kara Sea Lacustrine Lake Lake temperature Laptev Sea Lidar Limnology Lomonosov Ridge Marine Heat Flow Mercury Meteorology Methane Methane isotopes Methylmercury Mg/Ca Microclimate Micrometeorological data Micrometeorology Microsensor Miocene Monomictic Navarino Environmental Observatory North Atlantic Numerical modelling Ocean circulation Oden Oligocene Oxygen Oxygen concentration Palaeoceanography Palaeoclimate Paleoceanography Permafrost hydrogeology Planktic foraminifera Position and speed Precipitation Pressure Pro-glacial Radiosonde Reconstruction Regional climate models Relative humidity Remote sensing of clouds and fogs SWERUS-C3 SWERUS-C3 expedition Salinity Sea surface temperature Seawater temperature Sediment properties Ship log Ship navigation Solar radiation Stable isotopes Sub-Arctic Subarctic Surface energy budget Surface water Svalbard TEX86 Tarfala Temperature Terrestrial Topoclimate Travel times Turbidity Turbulence Uk'37 Vertical mixing Water depth Water temperature Weather station Wind speed Zeppelin iButton