Arctic Summer Cloud-Ocean Study

WeatherPak weather station

An additional weather station was mounted on the front railing of Oden's 7th deck. Variables measured include wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and solar and UV radiation. There is also a longwave radiometer, but that seems to have some problems and is not included. The wind, temperature and RH data has been cross-checked with the Oden weather station and seems to agree as well as can be expected for two different locations on a ship. The wind speeds are systematically lower than for the Oden weather station by some 30% and both the wind speed and direction shows some wake structure from being in front of Oden's superstructure and tower. The WeatherPak temperature is about 1 °C warmer than the weather station, the RH has poor correlation and the shortwave radiation is low compared to MetAlley observations in the 75-125 W/m2 range and somewhat high above 250 W/m2. The data in the zip-file include a matlab and and an ascii file.


Author: Michael Tjernström
Date: Wednesday 28 October 2009, 17:44
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