[{"title":"Bulk organic carbon and biomarker data for the marine sediment core SWERUS-L2-4-PC1, Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean","summary":"This dataset was created to reconstruct the historical remobilization of permafrost carbon from the Beringian landmass to the Chukchi Sea. We analyzed carbon isotopes (\u03b4\u00b9\u00b3C, \u0394\u00b9\u2074C) and terrestrial biomarkers (lignin phenols) to quantify and characterize the source and terrestrial OC that was transported to the Chukchi seabed between 13,000\u201311,000 cal yr BP and 3,650 cal yr BP until today. We also performed quantitative apportionments to partition OC source fractions using carbon isotopes and to reconstruct permafrost carbon fluxes. ","citations":"Martens, J., Wild, B., Pearce, C., Tesi, T., Andersson, A., Br\u00f6der, L., O'Regan, M., Jakobsson, M., Sk\u00f6ld, M., Gemery, L., Cronin, T. M., Semiletov, I., Dudarev, O. V., Gustafsson, \u00d6., 2018. Remobilization of old permafrost carbon to Chukchi Sea sediments during the end of the last deglaciation. Global Biogeochem. Cycles. DOI:10.1029\/2018GB005969","comments":"","category":"Marine","subcategory":"Arctic carbon","keywords":"Past carbon cycling; Permafrost; Climate change feedback; Carbon isotope; Coastal erosion; Deglaciation","scientist":"Jannik Martens, \u00d6rjan Gustafsson","firstname":"Jannik","lastname":"Martens","address":"Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES), Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":"Sweden","parameters":"Earth science > Oceans > Marine sediments > Terrigenous sediments","location":"Ocean > Arctic Ocean > Chukchi Sea","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"VR SWERUS, ERC CC-TOP","publisher":"Bolin Centre Database","version":"1.0","constrains":"None","access":"Free"}]