Jutta Vüllers, Peggy Achtert, Ian Brooks, Ryan Neely III, Barbara Brooks Cloudnet remote sensing retrievals of cloud properties during the Arctic Ocean 2018 expedition Bolin Centre Database 2021 Datafile Atmosphere Clouds Remote sensing of clouds and fogs Cloudnet Lidar Cloud radar Arctic Ocean AO2018 Icebreaker Oden Earth science > Atmosphere > Clouds Ian Brooks 2021-03-24T12:51:52+00:00 English 4.0 Data are provided as the standard set of Cloudnet output files. All data files are netCDF, with one file per day. The data are organized as subsets in seven directories, each containing 40 nc files: **categorize** — The various input data and some derived quantities, used by cloudnet (radar reflectivity, lidar backscatter, profiles of temperature, humidity, wind, etc). **classification** — Basic particle type classification for each time/height grid point (liquid, ice, aerosol...), cloud boundary altitudes. **drizzle** — Drizzle precipitation rate. **iwc-Z-T-method** — Ice water content and total ice water path. **lwc-adiabatic-method** — Cloud liquid water content derived from an assumption of adiabatic profiles, also liquid water path. **lwc-scaled-adiabatic** — Cloud liquid water content derived from an assumption of adiabatic profiles scaled to the total liquid water path (derived from microwave radiometer retrieval), also liquid water path. **lwf-Z-rainrate** — Liquid water precipitation rate, and droplet properties. **quicklooks** — Daily quicklooks of measurement data (png image files). All nc data files include time and position (latitude, longitude), and descriptions of the variables and methods and assumptions used to derive them. Retrieval uncertainties are given for most variables. Total file size: 11.6 GB (compressed 2.9 GB). Please cite the article by Vüllers et al. (2021) when using this dataset. Details of the cloudnet algorithm, including technical reports can be found at the [Cloudnet]( data portal at the ACTRIS Data Centre node for cloud profiling, hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). The underlying measurement data were collected during the Arctic Ocean 2018 expedition on board the Swedish icebreaker (I/B) Oden, which was organized by the [Swedish Polar Research Secretariat]( #### Version history ##### Version 4.0 Cloudnet internal LWP correction switched off as it was discarding data during fog events. Adjustment of radiosonde temperature profile interpolation within Cloudnet. ##### Version 3.0 Initial release. ##### Version 2.0 Not published. ##### Version 1.0 Not published.