Anders Sirevaag Oceanographic CTD data from the high-Arctic ASCOS expedition 2008 Bolin Centre Database 2018 Datafile Marine Hydrography ASCOS Oceanography High Arctic Arctic boundary layer Arctic clouds Ocean Temperature Salinity Vertical profiles Earth science > Atmosphere Michael Tjernström 2018-10-16T14:24:39+00:00 English 1.0 None <p>The attached .zip file contains a Readme file and a matlab file containing CTD data obtained from the high resolution profiler at the "Ocean site".<br /> Please refer to the Readme file for more information about instrument and measurements. </p> Profiles of pressure, temperature, salinity, potential density and Turbulent Kinetic Energy (TKE) dissipation rate was obtained continuously using an MSS90L s/n 33 (for information on instrument see the manufacturer website, deployed through the ice roughly 100m from the ship. The ice at the deployment site was about 1.8 m thick. In all 345 profiles was obtained through the time period 15 August to 31 August, most of reaching them down to 500m while some profiles are shallower due to various interruptions, issues with power supplies etc. Sampling interval is roughly one hour, however in periods were conditions did not allow personnel on the ice, no profiles were obtained. The measurements include temperature, salinity, potential density and dissipation rate of TKE averaged in 1m depth bins. There was also one single CTD profile available from the ship mounted SeaBird CTD during the ice drift. This profile was compared with MSS profile number 37, taken 8.5 minutes after the start of the CTD profile. The comparison shows that the MSS has a relative constant offset in salinity of S = 0.02 psu; all MSS salinities are corrected with this offset.<p>Original address: <a href=""></a><br> </p> <p> Files:<br> <a href="/data/ascos/files/"></a> (2.41 MB)<br> </p>