[{"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org\/","@type":"Dataset","name":"Micrometeorological data from an ice-floe site during the high-Arctic ASCOS expedition 2008","description":"Micrometeorological observations were collected from two masts on an ice floe a few hundred meters from the Icebreaker Oden during ice drift of the ASCOS expedition; data are averaged over 10-minute periods. The main instrumentation in the masts consisted of sonic anemometers and two Licor open path gas analyzers at different heights up to 30 m. Additional observations include aspirated and radiation-shielded mean temperature and relative humidity at two levels, up- and downward long- and shortwave radiation at an undisturbed location some distance away, temperature observations at the surface and at a few levels into the snow and ice, and so-called surface heat-flux plates inserted at the interface between snow and ice.","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/?n=ascos-micrometeorological","keywords":["Atmosphere","Micrometeorology","ASCOS","Meteorology","High Arctic","Arctic boundary layer","Arctic clouds","Micrometeorological data","Earth science > Atmosphere"],"creator":{"@type":"Person","name":"Thorsten Mauritsen"},"citation":"Tjernstr\u00f6m, M. et al. 2014. The Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS): overview and experimental design. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, 2823\u20132869. DOI:10.5194\/acp-14-2823-2014","includedInDataCatalog":{"@type":"DataCatalog","name":"Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University","identifier":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/"},"distribution":"\/data\/ascos\/files\/micrometeorological.zip","temporalCoverage":"2008-08-13\/2008-08-13"}]