Rachael S. Avery, Sarah L. Greenwood, Frederik Schenk, Björn M. Morén, David I. Armstrong McKay, Lars Brunnberg, Barbara Wohlfarth Deglacial varve chronology for Skåne-Småland, Sweden Bolin Centre Database 2020 Datafile Terrestrial Sediment cores Varves Ice retreat Lateglacial Sediment cores Offshore archives Sweden Earth science > Land surface > Geomorphic landforms/processes > Glacial processes > Sedimentation > Stratigraphic sequence Rachael Avery 2020-09-28T09:09:22+00:00 English 1 ###### Four varve thickness spreadsheets: * south coast part of the new Skåne-Småland varve chronology * east coast part of the chronology * an additional floating chronology that has been speculatively matched to the varve thickness record from an existing chronology to the north * individual thickness series for the offshore cores in the EL19-IGV02 suite from Kalmarsund. These spreadsheets are available as plain .csv files and colour-coded .xslx files. ###### Two summary tables * for the south chronology (Skåne-Blekinge) * for the east coast chronology (Blekinge-Småland). These tables include site details and bottom varve ages. These files are .csv. ###### Site-coordinates * Two tables detailing the 2018⁠ – ⁠2019 onshore and offshore core acquisitions including site co-ordinates, in .csv and xlsx. Lars Brunnberg contributed significantly to the production of this dataset in the early stages, finding and digitising old varve thickness diagrams in the Geochronological Museum at Stockholm University. His contribution is acknowledged posthumously.