Ingmar Borgström Geomorphology and exposure datings in west-central Sweden Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University 2017 Datafile Terrestrial Landforms Glacial geomorphology Periglacial geomorphology Geochronology Geomorphological maps Earth science > Land surface > Geomorphic landforms/processes > Glacial landforms Ingmar Borgström 2017-01-24T10:57:12+00:00 English 1.0 None The data are included in one xlsx file. Site maps and an overview map are provided as jpg files. Additional documentation and methods are provided in a pdf. The purpose and intention of cosmogenic dating in this study was to obtain information about exposure ages of boulders and outcrops on diagnostic landforms to provide guidance on the analysis of landform age. The samples were taken from various landforms, both in terms of formation and expected age. A total of 50 samples were collected for dating, almost all from quartz-rich boulders. A few samples were taken in quartz-rich outcrops and a few are from granitic blocks. The result of the laboratory work is given in an excel sheet. A geomorphological mapping with sampling sites and exposure ages is presented in eight maps. The mapping is based on air photo interpretation in color infrared images and field studies. Laboratory work and analysis was made 2007 by Ala Aldahan and Jim Hedfors, Department of Earth Science, Uppsala University and Göran Possnert, Tandem Laboratory, Uppsala.