[{"title":"Biomarker and bulk organic carbon data for surface sediments across the Laptev Sea","summary":"This dataset was compiled for a study that aims to assess the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in the Arctic marine environment by exploring how it changes in concentration, composition and degradation status across the wide Laptev Sea shelf. We analyzed a suite of terrestrial biomarkers as well as source-diagnostic bulk carbon isotopes (\u03b4\u00b9\u00b3C, \u0394\u00b9\u2074C) in surface sediments from a Laptev Sea transect spanning more than 800 km from the Lena River mouth (< 10 m water depth) across the shelf to the slope and rise (2000-3000 m water depth). ","citations":"Br\u00f6der, L., Tesi, T., Salvad\u00f3, J. A., Semiletov, I. P., Dudarev, O. V., and Gustafsson, \u00d6. 2016: Fate of terrigenous organic matter across the Laptev Sea from the mouth of the Lena River to the deep sea of the Arctic interior, Biogeosciences, 13, 5003-5019, DOI:10.5194\/bg-2016-159","comments":"","category":"Marine","subcategory":"Arctic carbon","keywords":"Laptev Sea; Sediments; Carbon; Isotopes; Biomarkers; Lignin; HMW plant-wax lipids","scientist":"Lisa Br\u00f6der, \u00d6rjan Gustafsson","firstname":"Lisa","lastname":"Br\u00f6der","address":"Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES); Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91 ","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":" Sweden ","parameters":"Earth science > Oceans > Marine sediments > Terrigenous sediments","location":"Ocean > Arctic Ocean","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"Sediments were collected during the International Siberian Shelf Study 2008 and the Swedish-Russian-US Investigation of Carbon-Climate-Cryosphere Interactions in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean 2014","publisher":"Bolin Centre Database","version":"1.0","constrains":"None","access":"Free"}]