[{"title":"Paleoceanographic proxy data sets from the Eocene-Oligocene boundary interval of ODP Site 1218, eastern Equatorial Pacific","summary":"Paleoceanographic proxy records from Ocean Drilling Program Site 1218 in the eastern equatorial Pacific (EEP): (1) stable isotope (\u03b4\u00b9\u2078O and \u03b4\u00b9\u00b3C) records measured on epifaunal benthic foraminifera (Cibicidoides spp.); (2) \u03b4\u00b9\u2078O and \u03b4\u00b9\u00b3C records measured on Oridorsalis umbonatus, a shallow infaunal species; (3) bulk sediment accumulation rate (MAR) and carbonate accumulation rate (CaCO3AR); and 4) a record of benthic foraminifera accumulation rate (BFAR). Sample ages are between 30.9 and 35.3 Ma.","citations":"Coxall, H. K. and Wilson, P. A. 2011 Early Oligocene glaciation and productivity in the eastern equatorial Pacific; insights into global carbon cycling. Paleoceanography 26, PA2221, DOI: 10.1029\/2010PA002021\r\nCoxall, H. K., Wilson, P. A., P\u00e4like, H., Lear, C. H., and Backman, J., 2005. Rapid stepwise onset of Antarctic glaciation and deeper calcite compensation in the Pacific Ocean. Nature 433 (7021), 53\u201357, DOI: 10.1038\/nature03135\r\nMoore, J., T.C., Wade, B. S., Westerhold, T., Erhardt, A. M., Coxall, H. K., Baldauf, J. G., and Wagner, T., 2014. Equatorial Pacific Productivity Changes near the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary. Paleoceanography, 29 (9), 825\u2013844, DOI: 10.1002\/2014PA002656","comments":"The Site 1218 Eocene-Oligocene benthic foraminifera stable isotope data sets represent an expansion of the data set presented by Coxall et al. (2005). The Site 1218 Eocene-Oligocene benthic foraminifera accumulation rate (BFAR) data set was originally presented in Coxall and Wilson (2011). The BFAR data were corrected (standardized to bulk weight of sample) in a subsequent paper Moore et al. (2014).","category":"Marine","subcategory":"Sediment cores","keywords":"Eocene; Oligocene; Productivity; Deep sea; Equatorial Pacific; Benthic Foraminifera; Carbon system","scientist":"Helen Coxall","firstname":"Helen","lastname":"Coxall","address":"Department of Geological Sciences; Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":"Sweden","parameters":"Earth science > Paleoclimate > Ocean\/lake records > Isotopes","location":"Ocean > Pacific Ocean > Eastern Pacific Ocean","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"Ocean Drilling Program (ODP)","publisher":"Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University","version":"1.1","constrains":"Cite Coxall et al. (2005), Coxall and Wilson (2011) and Moore et al. (2014) when using this data set.","access":"Free"}]