[{"title":"Climatic optima for plants in central Sweden, Sweden and Europe","summary":"At the core of this dataset are the values of climate optima for 146 plant species at different spatial scales. The climate variables are growing degree days, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature. The optima are calculated for a landscape scale (in central Sweden), national scale (Sweden) and continental scale (most of Europe). The data was used to investigate correlations across scales of climate variables.","citations":"Dahlberg, C. J., Ehrl\u00e9n, J., Christiansen, D. M., Meineri, E., Hylander, K. 2019. Correlations between plant climate optima across different spatial scales. Environmental and Experimental Botany. doi:10.1016\/j.envexpbot.2019.103899","comments":"","category":"Terrestrial","subcategory":"Ecosystems","keywords":"Climatic optima; Bryophyte; Vascular plant; Landscape abundances; Plant occurences; Spatial scale","scientist":"C. Johan Dahlberg, Johan Ehrl\u00e9n, Ditte Marie Christiansen, Eric Meineri, Kristoffer Hylander","firstname":"Kristoffer","lastname":"Hylander","address":"Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP), Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":"Sweden","parameters":"Earth science > Land surface > Landscape > Landscape ecology","location":"Continent > Europe","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"This work was funded within the strategic program Ekoklim and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research at Stockholm University.","publisher":"Bolin Centre Database","version":"1.0","constrains":"None, but please cite Dahlberg et al. (2019)","access":"Free"}]