Tiit Hang, Rachael S. Avery Legacy varve sediment data from the Kalmar-Högsby area, southeast Sweden Bolin Centre Database 2021 Datafile Terrestrial Sediment cores Varves Sediment Pleistocene Sweden Earth science > Paleoclimate > Ocean/lake records > Varve deposits Rachael Avery 2021-01-21T11:37:23+00:00 English 1.0 The dataset comprises two spreadsheets: 1. A summary of the site locations, with site names and other metadata. 2. Varve thickness measurements, with one column for each site. The data are provided in both xlsx and csv file formats. The data were digitised from original documents from the Geochronological Museum at Stockholm Univeristy, detailing investigations that took place many decades ago. As such, it is likely that the dataset may contain errors from the original researchers (e.g. miscounting a varve), and possible that errors may have crept in during the digitisation process. Similarly, the site locations, though in decimal degrees here, would originally have been determined from verbose descriptions (e.g. distance and direction from a landmark or settlement) rather than precise co-ordinates. The varve records were investigated by a number of researchers (names are in the spreadsheet), and were digitised by T. Hang during preparation for Ringberg et al. (2002). The data have been compiled and deposited in the Bolin Centre Database by R. Avery. Rachael S. Avery is affiliated with Stockholm University. Tiit Hang is currently affiliated with the University of Tartu, Estonia, but was affiliated with Stockholm University when he digitised these data.