David Hutchinson Data from a modelling study on Arctic closure as a trigger for Atlantic overturning at the Eocene-Oligocene transition Bolin Centre Database 2019 Datafile Marine Circulation Paleoceanography Atlantic meridional overturning circulation Arctic gateways Climate modelling Salinity Eocene-Oligocene Transition Earth science services > Models > Coupled climate models David Hutchinson 2019-07-25T07:38:26+00:00 English 1 None, but please cite Hutchinson et al. 2019 Data, in netcdf4 format, from five experiments in Hutchinson et al. (2019) are included in this dataset, provided in five corresponding data directories.</p> <p> Two primary experiments:</p> - Control</p> - Arctic_closed</p> <p> Three further perturbation experiments:</p> - GSR</p> - GSR_Arctic_closed</p> - SO_gateway</p> <p> GSR denotes the 'shallow Greenland-Scotland Ridge' experiment, GSR_Arctic_closed is a combined shallow Greenland-Scotland Ridge with Arctic closed, and the SO_gateway experiment has wide Southern Ocean gateways, as described in the Methods section the paper.</p> <p> For the primary experiments, both annual and monthly data are provided. For the ocean data fields, the monthly data is restricted to selected 2-dimensional fields that fluctuate more on seasonal timescales (e.g. Sea surface temperature and salinity, mixed layer depth), while the full 3-dimensional fields are provided only on the annual mean, due to space considerations.</p> <p> Spinup time series for temperature and MOC (Meridional Overturning Circulation) indices for the two primary experiments are also included in their respective directories (as shown in Extended Data Figure 2 in the paper).