Martin Jakobsson Calculated seafloor ruggedness index (TRI) of the Baltic Sea Bolin Centre Database 2019 Datafile Marine Bathymetry Bathymetry Seafloor morphometry Morphology Earth science > Oceans > Sea surface topography Martin Jakobsson 2019-07-06T10:58:57+00:00 English 1.0 None, but please cite Jakobsson et al. 2019 The Terrain Ruggedness Index (TRI) dataset is provided in one zipped geotiff (.tif) file. TRI was calculated using the <a href="">EMODnet</a> gridded bathymetry as a base. Calculation was done on a reprojected version of the EMODnet grid: 100x100 m grid cell-size, Lambert Equal Area with the parameters specified as in the European Terrestrial Reference System (ETRS) 1989 (ETRS89-LAEA). The TRI algorithm calculates the average of the sum of the absolute differences between the neighboring cells and the centre cell. A radius of 10 cells was used, implying a block of 2100 x 2100 m over which a TRI value is calculated. TRI of the Baltic Sea floor was computed using the algorithm available with the Open Source System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses (<a href="">SAGA</a>). This work was done for the study of the Bathymetric Properties of the Baltic Sea published in Ocean Science (Jakobsson et al. 2019).