[{"title":"Multibeam bathymetry from southeast of Tv\u00e4rminne Zoological Station in southern Finland archipelago","summary":"Multibeam bathymetry showing submarine terraces in the seafloor southeast of Tv\u00e4rminne Zoological Station in southern Finland archipelago. Detailed information about the depth and shape of the seafloor is provided by the acquired multibeam bathymetry. This information is commonly used to study, for example, general seafloor geology, glacial morphology, bottom habitats, and bottom current activities.\r\n\r\nThe data were acquired with Stockholm University research vessel (RV) Electra in 2017 under Finnish survey permission granted to Tv\u00e4rminne Zoological Station. The multibeam bathymetry was here collected for the purpose of providing a geospatial framework for habitat studies in the Tv\u00e4rminne area within The Baltic Bridge initiative, a collaboration project between Stockholm University and Tv\u00e4rminne Zoological Station, Helsinki University. \r\n\r\nThe multibeam bathymetry is provided in the form of a compiled Digital Terrain Model with a cell-spacing of 50x50 cm. The processing of the raw data was carried out using the Qimera software by QPS.","citations":"Jakobsson, M., O'Regan, M., M\u00f6rth, C.-M., Stranne, C., Weidner, E., Hansson, J., Gyllencreutz, R., Humborg, C., Elfwing, T., Norkko, A., Norkko, J., Nilsson, B., Sj\u00f6str\u00f6m, A. (2020). Potential links between Baltic Sea submarine terraces and groundwater seeping. Earth Surf. Dynam. 8, 1\u201315. doi:10.5194\/esurf-8-1-2020\r\n","comments":"The multibeam bathymetric data available as a processed grid were acquired in 2017 during a survey with RV Electra (24.3 m long). A Kongsberg EM2040 0.4\u00b0x0.7\u00b0, 200-400 kHz, multibeam echo-sounder is hull mounted in RV Electra. These data were acquired using the 400 kHz mode. Position, heading and attitude data were acquired from Kongsberg-Seatex Seapath 330+ navigation units (GPS and GLONASS) with attached MRU5+ motion and reference sensors. Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections were received provided over the internet by FinnRef. Positions have horizontal accuracies estimated to be better than \u00b110 cm and slightly coarser vertical accuracies. A Valeport MiniSVP sound velocity probe was used at discrete stations to acquire sound speed profiles. In addition, RV Electra has an AML sound velocity probe mounted near the transducer for continuous reading of surface sound speed. The data were processed using QPS Qimera (version 1.7.2).","category":"Marine","subcategory":"Bathymetry","keywords":"Multibeam bathymetry; Groundwater; Seafloor morphology","scientist":"Martin Jakobsson","firstname":"Martin","lastname":"Jakobsson","address":"Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":"Sweden","parameters":"Earth science > Oceans > Bathymetry\/seafloor topography","location":"Ocean > Atlantic Ocean > North Atlantic Ocean > Baltic Sea","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"The Baltic Bridge initiative financed the data aquisition (colloboration between Stockholm University and Tv\u00e4rminne Zoological Station, Helsinki University).","publisher":"Bolin Centre Database","version":"1.0","constrains":"None, but please cite Jakobsson et al. (2020)","access":"Free"}]