Stefano Manzoni Carbon use efficiency from organisms to ecosystems Bolin Centre Database 2018 Datafile Terrestrial Soil Carbon use efficiency Carbon storage efficiency Soil organic carbon Plant carbon Sediment carbon Microbial biomass carbon Respiration Primary productivity Earth science > Biosphere Stefano Manzoni 2018-10-11T14:36:52+00:00 English 1.0 Please follow the conditions stated under Comments. The dataset is provided in an xlsx file, which contains one 'data description' tab and five data tabs; 'plant CUE and GGE', 'soil CSE', 'cathcment CUE', 'non-vascular vegetation CUE', 'food web C transfer efficiency'. See details and full references in the Supplementary Materials of the paper by Manzoni et al. (2018) for further explanation. CONDITIONS FOR USE: As a condition for the use of this database, we request that all users agree that: 1) Full citation to the main article Manzoni et al. (2018, Biogeosciences 15, is provided when using the dataset. 2) This dataset is a collection of published data. Thus, full citation of the original articles (reported in the Supplementary Information) has to be provided when using data from individual species or sources. 3) The lead author S. Manzoni should be notified when the dataset is used in any publication or derivative work. DISCLAIMER: The data points have been obtained from tables and digitalized figures, and in some cases subsequently analyzed, in the most accurate and reproduceable way. However, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed and data are made available "as is". The authors of this dataset are thus not responsible for damages resulting from its use or interpretation in any derivative work.