Jannik Martens, Örjan Gustafsson Bulk organic carbon, isotopes and terrigenous biomarkers for the marine sediment core SWERUS-L2-31-PC1 Bolin Centre Database 2020 Datafile Marine Arctic carbon Deglaciation Past carbon cycling Permafrost carbon Carbon remobilization Arctic Ocean SWERUS-C3 Icebreaker Oden Earth science > Oceans > Marine sediments Jannik Martens 2020-08-25T08:55:21+00:00 English 1.0 This dataset contains bulk organic carbon (OC) concentrations, δ¹³C-OC, Δ¹⁴C, ΔΔ¹⁴C (corrected for residence time in the sediment), OC flux rates, concentrations and abundance ratios and degradation proxies of lignin phenol biomarkers, as well as concentrations and degradation proxies of HMW n-alkanes and HMW n-alkanoic acids. The dataset also includes results from quantitative source apportionment of the bulk OC. The dataset is included in one spreadsheet xlsx file with five tabs. See article by Martens et al. (2020) for details. The laboratory work was carried out between 2016⁠ – ⁠2019 at the Department of Environmental Science and the Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University.