Matt O'Regan Marine sediment core data from the Lomonosov Ridge off Greenland, Arctic Ocean Bolin Centre Database 2019 Datafile Marine Sediment cores Arctic Ocean Lomonosov Ridge Pleistocene Chronology Lithostratigraphy Planktonic foraminifera Turborotalita quinqueloba Biostratigraphy Earth science > Oceans > Marine sediments Matt O'Regan 2019-04-09T12:52:42+00:00 English 1 None, but please cite O'Regan et al. (2019) The dataset is included in one xlsx file with 12 data sheets.</p> <p> The core data includes:<br /> 1. Relative foraminifera abundance counts in the >125 μm size fraction, and the occurrence of <i>Turborotalita quinqueloba</i> in the 63-125 μm. Relative abundance is defined as: Abundant (≥50% of sample), Common (>100 specimens), Few (50-100 specimens), Rare (< 50 specimens), Barren (0 specimens). Intervals where <i>T. quinqueloba</i> occurs are marked by an 'X'.</p> <p> 2. Grain size measurements acquired at a 1-2 cm downcore resolution using a Malvern Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle analyser. Data is averaged from 5 replicate measurements at each sample position. Data includes: % volume of sand, silt and clay, as well as the fine, medium and coarse silt volumes.</p> <p> 3. Physical properties measured using a GeoTek Multi-Sensor Core Logger: Bulk Density (g/cc) and Bartington loop sensor Magnetic Susceptibility (SI × 10⁻⁵).</p> <p> 4. ITRAX XRF scanner data at a 2 mm downcore resolution.</p> <p> Spreadsheet tabs:<br /> LOMROG12_PC07_Foraminifera; AO16_5PC_Foraminifera; LOMORG12-6PC_Grainsize; LOMORG12-7PC_Grainsize; LOMORG12-12PC_Grainsize; MSCL Data; LOMROG12-3PC_ITRAX_XRF; LOMROG12-6PC_ITRAX_XRF; LOMROG12-7PC_ITRAX_XRF; LOMROG12-12PC_ITRAX_XRF; AO16-12PC_ITRAX_XRF; AO16-5PC_ITRAX_XRF The six sediment cores are:<br /> LOMROG12-3PC, 1607 m water depth, 87.7247°N, -54.4253°E;<br /> LOMROG12-6PC, 2923 m water depth, 88.2511°N, -46.3972°E;<br /> LOMROG12-7PC, 2953 m water depth, 88.1976°N, -55.6845°E;<br /> LOMROG12-12PC, 1366 m water depth, 88.1085°N, 134.6451°E;<br /> AO16-5PC, 1253 m water depth, 89.0780°N, -130.5470°E;<br /> AO16-12PC, 1269 m water depth, 87.8577°N, 136.9875°E