Caroline Leck, Patricia Matrai, Peggy Achtert, Michael Adams, Andrea Baccarini, Barbara Brooks, Ian Brooks, Lubna Dada, Kaspar Dällenbach, Giacomo DiTullio, Josef Dommen, Ulrike Egerer, Matthias Gottschalk, Luisa Ickes, Linn Karlsson, Michael Lawler, Peter Lee, Axel Meiton, Claudia Mohr, Ben Murray, Ryan Neely III, Emmy Nilsson, Grace Porter, John Prytherch, Matthew Salter, Eric Saltzman, Nicole Schanke, Julia Schmale, Karolina Siegel, Michael Tjernström, Armando Vilchez, Jutta Vüllers, Heini Wernli, Paul Zieger, Julika Zinke Data from expedition Arctic Ocean, 2018 Bolin Centre Database 2022 Datafile Marine Expedition Icebreaker Oden Arctic Ocean Meteorology Aerosols Clouds Gas phase Micrometeorology Radiosoundings Weather observations Trajectories Oceanography Ocean chemistry Ocean biology Earth science > Oceans Caroline Leck Arctic Ocean 2018 (AO2018) was a scientific expedition to the high Arctic in summer 2018 and was deployed on the Swedish icebreaker ​Oden. ​AO2018 received scientific support from three complimentary programs: MOCCHA (Microbiology-Ocean-Cloud-Coupling in the High Arctic), ACAS (Arctic Climate Across Scales), and ICE (International Cooperative Effort, on ice work). The frame setting goal of AO2018 was to increase our knowledge of low- altitude clouds over the central Arctic Ocean by studying processes that are important to their formation and occurrence. This was achieved through highly interdisciplinary studies in which cloud formation was linked to the microbiological life in the ocean and ice, by means of detailed observations made from several hundred metres below the ocean’s surface to many kilometres up in the atmosphere: * physical, chemical and biological characterization of the ocean and ice * measuring exchange processes at the ocean-air interface * sampling gases and aerosol particles and cloud/fog in the atmosphere * measuring meteorological processes in the lowest layer of the atmosphere AO2018 was the fifth research expedition to the central Arctic Ocean to support research on processes that are important for the formation and life cycle of low-altitude clouds over the pack ice: the earlier expeditions took place in 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2008. Access to the icebreaker ​Oden as a research platform, combined with the logistics support provided by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and Oden’s crew, offered the researchers a unique opportunity to conduct advanced and innovative research in a highly inaccessible region with limited influences by human activities. The expedition was made in collaboration between Sweden and the US National Science Foundation (NSF). ##### How to cite Please, cite each individual dataset whenever they are used or cite this collection when that is more relevant. ##### Participants ###### Co-chief scientists * Caroline Leck, Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, Sweden * Patricia Matrai, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, USA ###### Onboard Oden * Katarina Abrahamsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden * Michael Adams, University of Leeds, UK * Karin Alfredsson, Stockholm University, Sweden * Philipp Anhaus, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany * Andrea Baccarini, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland * Francesco Bolinesi, University of Napoli, Italy * Ian Brooks, University of Leeds, UK * Alister Cumming, Stockholm University, Sweden * Helen Czerski, University College London, UK * Giacomo DiTullio, College of Charleston, USA * Adela Dumitrascu, University of Gothenburg, Sweden * Patrick Duplessis, Dalhousie University, Canada * Matthias Gottschalk, University of Leipzig, Germany * Michaela Haack, University of Oldenburg, Germany * Mario Hoppmann, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany * Luisa Ickes, Stockholm University, Sweden * Linn Karlsson, Stockholm University, Sweden * Christian Katlein, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany * Rachel Kirpes, University of Michigan, USA * Matthieu Labaste, UPMC-LOCEAN, France * Michael Lawler, University of California, USA * Andrew Margolin, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA * Grace Porter, University of Leeds, UK * John Prytherch, Stockholm University, Stockholm * Carlton Rauschenberg, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, USA * Allison Remenapp, Villanova University, USA * Brandy Robinson, University of Oldenburg, Germany * Matthew Salter, Stockholm University, Sweden * Nicole Schanke, College of Charleston, USA * Julia Schmale, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland * Karolina Seigl, Stockholm University, Sweden * Gordon Showalter, University of Washington, USA * Walker Smith, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA * Peggy Tesche-Achtert, University of Reading, UK * Michael Tjernström, Stockholm University, Sweden * Anders Torstensson, University of Washington, USA * Alexandra Walsh, University of Gothenburg, Sweden * Paul Zieger, Stockholm University, Sweden * Julika Zinke, Stockholm University, Sweden ###### On land * Andrew Ault, University of Michigan, USA * Vanessa Boschi, Villanova University, USA * Rodrigo Caballero, Stockholm University, Sweden * Shelly Carpenter, University of Washington, USA * Rachel Chang, Dalhousie University, Canada * Patrick Crill, Stockholm University, Sweden * Jody Deming, University of Washington, USA * Joachim Dillner, Stockholm University, Sweden * Annica Ekman, Stockholm University, Sweden * Amanda Grannas, Villanova University, USA * Steve Gunn, University of Southampton, UK * Savannah Haas, Villanova University, USA * Hans-Christen Hansson, Stockholm University, Sweden * Leopold Ilag, Stockholm University, Sweden * Radovan Krejci, Stockholm University, Sweden * Richard Leaitch, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada * Olivia de Meo, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA * Ryan Neely III, University of Leeds, UK * Marcel Nicolaus, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany * Emmy Nilssen, Stockholm University, Sweden * Johan Nilsson, Stockholm University, Sweden * Paul Poli, E-SURFMAR/Météo France, France * Kerri Pratt, University of Michigan, USA * Christine Provost, LOCEAN, France * Benjamin Rabe, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany * Liam Reeves, Villanova University, USA * Ilona Riipinen, Stockholm University, Sweden * Eric Saltzman, University of California, Irvine, USA * Elizabeth Shadwick, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA * Birgitta Svenningsson, Lund University, Sweden * Gunilla Svensson, Stockholm University, Sweden * Erik Swietlicki, Lund University, Sweden * Brett Thornton, Stockholm University, Sweden * Jutta Vüllers, University of Leeds, UK * Nils Walberg, Stockholm University, Sweden * Michael Wheeler, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada * Oliver Wurl, University of Oldenburg, Germany * Gillian Young, University of Leeds, UK ###### Reports - [Cruise report](data/oden-ao-2018-expedition-1/oden-ao-2018-expedition-cruise-report-1.pdf) See more information at the [Swedish Polar Research Secretariat]( #### Version history ##### Version 2 34 datasets. ##### Version 1 Initial release. 28 datasets. 2022-06-14T11:05:03+00:00 English 2